Wednesday, 10 December 2008

First Press Release

Another press release went out last night. We are doing everything possible to try and get the store out there and to get the customers is the first one .. as i forgot to include it in my blog. How silly is that?

Media Release
Issued: 28th November 2008

Starting a new business within a fortnight?
It’s child’s play for Carley.

The thought of starting a new business is a daunting one for most people. Not so for Carley Brierley from Thornton Cleveleys, who within the past fortnight has come up with the idea for her business, purchased stock, set up a website, successfully launched her online shop and attracted her first customer!

Bibs N Bots was borne out of a love of reusable nappies, and a recognition that with the current economic slowdown reusable nappies are making a big comeback. With the arrival of her 4th baby, Mia, only 3 months ago, Carley felt inspired to turn her knowledge and passion into a business. Carley said:
“The seed was sown over 2 years ago when I had my 3rd baby Archie. I converted to cloth nappies when he was about 10 weeks old. I just couldn’t bear the sight of the mountain of disposables going into the bin every week. I was astonished at how easy and pleasurable reusable nappies were – with so many designs and styles to choose from I couldn’t wait to get started.

“I always wanted to start my own business and I have such a passion for the gorgeousness of cloth nappies it seemed like an ideal opportunity to pass on my knowledge and hopefully encourage new mums into the world of cloth. The internet is really what has made it possible because I have no experience in running a business and I had very little cash to invest. My website cost only £20 from a company who specifically support Mum’s who work from home, and it all seems like such a wonderful solution to the work family balance that so many people struggle with.

“There has been an astonishing amount of work in setting up my business and my website, and sometimes it all gets a bit much for my daughter Mia – the sound of my typing and adding new stock to the website often sending her to sleep across my knees!”

Carley’s first customer was Cheryl McDuff from Aberdeenshire who said she was amazed to hear the shop was set up so quickly.
“I’m overdue expecting my first daughter and so to mark her official due date I did some online shopping looking for something quirky and unusual. I already use cloth nappies so Bibs N Bots immediately appealed to me, and reading about Carley on her blog was really inspirational. I bought two beautiful new bibs for my impending arrival and I’ll certainly be using Carley’s shop again in the months ahead!”

Bibs N Bots sells a range of unusual bibs, reusable nappies, nappy covers, wool care and new baby gifts. Carley is particularly keen to support other new mums in discovering the economic and environmental benefits of switching to reusable nappies, and she is encouraging groups and individuals to get in touch, for a chat or a demonstration of the pleasures of using reusables.

For more information or to arrange photography contact Carley on , email or phone 07795327812.

Bibs N Bots making reusable nappies childs play!

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