Monday, 1 December 2008


Ooooo the lovely Bumgenius nappies arrived today they are absolutely delicious. I LOVE the bamboo fitted ones, they are ever so soft. I would definately recommend them.

I am going to buy one myself and use my little Mia as the tester. Thinking about it I might even test one on Archie. It will be interesting to see how differently they perform on a little baby and a toddler. I will then do a review of them.

The Bumgenius pockets are nice as well. I always thought my favourite colour was the grasshopper but I think I have definately been won over by the butternut.

Whilst writing this I have been feeding Mia and dibbing into the Christmas tin of heroes :-o.

Its TRUE !!!!! Women CAN

Bibs N Bots making reusable nappies childs play!

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