Wednesday, 10 December 2008

2nd Press Release

Here is the one that went out last night. If you go onto google news and search for ‘reusable nappies’ - I come up top! How cool is that. Not sure how long that will stay up there but that is just so brilliant.

Media Release
Issued: December 2008

Parents urged to beat the crunch with real nappies

A mum from Thornton Cleveleys is urging families to slash their nappy costs by switching to reusables. Carley Brierley who runs Bibs N Bots, says that nappies are one of the biggest costs new parents face.

The average family will save around £500 by switching to cloth nappies, with savings running into thousands for couples planning more than one child.

Carley who switched to cloth nappies partly for financial reasons, has since developed a passion for cloth after discovering the huge range of easy to use and attractive options. With the arrival of her 4th baby, Mia, only 3 months ago, Carley felt inspired to turn her knowledge and passion into a business. Carley said:
“I converted to cloth nappies when my third child was about 10 weeks old. I was astonished at how easy and pleasurable reusable nappies were – with so many designs and styles to choose from. I always wanted to start my own business and I have such a passion for cloth nappies it seemed like an ideal opportunity to pass on my knowledge and hopefully encourage new mums into the world of cloth.

“I’m evangelical about the financial and environmental benefits of using cloth nappies and I love helping other parents discover just how easy it is to save hundreds of pounds each year.”

Bibs N Bots sells a range of unusual bibs, reusable nappies, nappy covers, wool care and new baby gifts.

Carley is particularly keen to support other new mums in discovering the economic and environmental benefits of switching to reusable nappies, and she is encouraging groups and individuals to get in touch, for a chat or a demonstration of the pleasures of using reusables.

Carley is very happy to work with members of the media on case studies or credit crunch features to help illustrate the benefits of cloth.

For more information or to arrange photography contact Carley on , email or phone 07795327812.

Bibs N Bots making reusable nappies childs play!

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