Saturday, 22 November 2008

Kind of a day off...

I spent an hour or so this morning ordering some more bibs and updating the website. Then I updated some advertising with the new Mum2Mum bibs.

I went to visit a friend this afternoon. It was lovely to get away from the computer and have a cup of tea and a gossip.

Today I got an email to say my Northern Essence order has been despatched. I can't wait as their stuff is gorgeous. My only regret is that I didn't order a lot and it takes some time to be made up and shipped. If it sells quickly I'll definately order again and get more bath and body stuff in. Ooo I can't wait.

We have had no take up from the press release as yet. I am secretly breathing a sigh of relief! My friend Jaimie keeps ribbing me about going on the One show and Hardeep coming for a visit...pmsl. Gah...I think I would be sick.

I finally got an order in to Bumgenius. They now do Bamboo fitted nappies as well as pockets which is fab.

On the upside I signed up to become part of Lancashire County Councils Bottom Line scheme. I am really chuffed about this, as it was their scheme that got me interested in nappies in the first place. It feels a real honour to be part of it. Hopefully it means I can make more mums aware of the gorgeousness of cloth as well as the positive effect they have on the environment.

So all looking good xxxx

Bibs N Bots making reusable nappies childs play!

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Jxx said...

Even better, they could send dom or phil tuffnel ;-)