Tuesday, 18 November 2008

From thought to internet site…

I couldn’t decide what was holding me back so when Mia entered the world I decided to just go for it!

I ordered a Mama Pack when I was pregnant and that got me thinking. There are tons of talented WAHMs out there who have managed it…why couldn’t I?
Well i can’t sew, can’t even manage a sewing machine despite my best efforts..lol. I can knit but with 4 children I just don’t have the time. So cloth nappies it is…

Decision made I ‘bought’ a free WAHM store from the site. While the store was being built I set about finding wholesalers who would take a poor penniless woman on :p
So, goodies on their way and store being set up. No going back now!!!!

Bibs N Bots www.bibsnbots.co.uk making reusable nappies childs play!

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Lorna said...

Love the blog Carley, it looks fantastic - well done on the launch of Bibs N Bots!!!