Sunday, 26 April 2009

Real Nappy Week 27/04/2009 to 03/05/2009 Offers

Here at Bibs N Bots we are celebrating Real Nappy Week with some amazing offers.

Monday 27th April - 5% off all bumGenius brand nappies.
Tuesday 28th April -10% off al Blueberry brand nappies.
Wednesday 29th April - 10% off itti bitti d'lish nappies.
Thursday 30th April - 10% off Tots Bots nappies and Wraps.
Friday 1st May - 10% off Fuzzi Bunz Nappies.
Saturday 2nd May - 10% off Ellas House bumhuggers
Sunday 3rd May - 5% off some gorgeous new minkee wraps due in stock next week.

All week we will have -

10% off So Scrumptious skincare and reusable wipes cubes.
5% off Northern Essence
10% off So Scrumptious British Lanolin and Wool Wash
5% off huggalugs
5% off cloth san pro.
5% off bibs
5% off reusable wipes
5% off liners and boosters
5% off our just for Mum section
5% off out Just for Baby section

I am sure you will agree this is an amazing sale - what a fantastic way to celebrate Real Nappy Week 2009
Happy Nappying - Carley x

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